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Henry & Kemp offers a range of services :


At Henry and Kemp Ltd we are proud to have provided an architectural hardware specification, scheduling and supply service for over 25 years to architects, designers and developers both in Wellington and many other places.

Specifying and scheduling involves liaising with both the architect/designer and owner to establish the type of hardware required and then supplying a door by door specification.

Once the project is confirmed, the hardware is packed as per specification and marked with the appropriate door number, then delivered to the site.

This allows for ease of installation by the contractor or we can provide an installation service if requested.

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Master Keying

Master keying in its simplest form means that each lock in a suite can be opened by at least two different keys.

This allows controlled access to various locks within a building. The master key will open all locks whereas the servant key will only open the lock or locks made to that key.

Ie owner/manager has access to all offices in a building administration manager has access only to administration office sales manager has access only to sales offices and sales staff have access only to their own offices.

When combining a master key system with a restricted key profile then access to areas and the number of keys cut is totally controlled.

Our staff can advise in greater detail the advantages of different systems and we can design a system to suit almost every need.

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Key Cutting

Key cutting can be performed either manually or by machine. At Henry and Kemp we use some of the most up to date, precision key cutting machinery available.

Whether it be a simple filing cabinet key, a lever type key or a standard pin type key we can cut most of them.

Security system keys will only be cut to approved purchasers.

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Henry and Kemp offer a full installation service with all hardware supplied. From installing one deadlock at a house, to installing hardware in an entire multi level building we can do it all. Our skilled installation team, using the latest mortising machines available will leave the job with the hardware in perfect working order. 

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